About Us


        We are a leading manufacturer in scent and fragrance industry manufacturing accessories such as candle holders, finial covers, decent jars, etc selling them directly to the American, European and Asian markets. We have experience in manufacturing accessories for spas, home decor, hotels, religious functions and seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Hanukah, etc.

         Our core products include candle holders, oil burners, fragrance bottles, wick trimmers, candle snuffers and more. We also provide custom-made services for clients' designs and custom orders in a variety of materials such as metal, glass, wood, ceramic, crystal and leather.

         In addition to our products, we can assist clients in starting their own private labels by catering to specific packaging and printing needs and we can facilitate domestic and international ordering and shipping by utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for mass retail chain stores.

         We are a B2B manufacturer and our clienteles include importers, wholesalers, designers' labels, independent private labels and direct retail chain stores. Minimum orders are required for different designs.